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Negotiating Enterprise Wireless Agreements

Business Communications Review – As enterprise demand for wireless services increases, so does senior management’s pressure on telecom managers and procurement officials to control wireless costs. Most commentators who offer tips on controlling the cost of wireless services focus on only a tiny portion of the problem, i.e., selection of […]

Liability Issues in a VoIP Environment

Business Communications Review – The effects of 911 and wiretap regulations could put an added bite into VOIP costs. Voice over IP (VOIP) applications for enterprise customer networks have significant advantages in terms of features and functions, as well as attractive cost characteristics, which will continue to drive enterprise customer […]

Negotiating Managed Network Contracts

Business Communications Review –  Make sure responsibilities are clear and avoid “scope creep.” Managed network services are a hot topic today. This article is intended to help users navigate the complexities of a managed network contract. The first rule is to be prepared before negotiat­ing. Gather detailed information about what […]

Negotiating A More Perfect SLA

Network Magazine – Reading and negotiating an SLA is about as interesting as copyediting the New York City phone book. Here’s practical advice on negotiating with service providers to get the most from your SLA. No part of a communications service agreement is harder to negotiate than the SLA. One […]

Smart Contracts Make Smooth Flights

Network World – Just as take-offs and landings are the riskiest parts of flying, the beginning and end are the riskiest parts of a network service agreement. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid some of the most common problems. In the take-off phase, falling short of minimum volume commitments is […]

You Can Do Something About the Growing Universal Service Burden

Business Communications Review – With new regulations coming, businesses must make their concerns known to the FCC. Everyone hates to see universal service sur­charges on their bills. (AT&T calls it the Universal Connectivity Charge, MCI labels it the Federal Universal Service Fee and Sprint identifies it as the Universal Service […]