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Cloud Computing Thrives in the Goldilocks Zone

Sourcing a cloud solution requires a delicate balance of strategies, tactics and contractual requirements to get a deal that is just right.

Cloud computing is so hot right now that many seasoned enterprise IT professionals and sourcing advisors scoff and dismiss it as an over-hyped fad. 

Others (mostly neophytes) in the commercial technology business claim that it will permanently supplant both anachronistic self-managed corporate data centers and “old school” IT outsourcing.   

After advising our Fortune 500 clients through many IT outsourcing, managed services and cloud computing transactions, we embrace and apply the Goldilocks principle. 

Cloud computing has fundamentally changed the way enterprises buy and provision IT resources by adding another item to their sourcing and service delivery menus.  But to avoid getting burned by its risks and enjoy its rewards, enterprise buyers must employ strategies designed specifically for the cloud.  Cloud computing should not be treated as either an inconsequential commodity obtained with a corporate credit card and click-wrap agreement or a bespoke IT outsourcing arrangement. 

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