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Category: Insights

FREE MONEY (for the carriers)

The creation of the Universal Service Fund (USF), Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) (used to help pay for services that translate calls for those with hearing disabilities), and payphone surcharge unleashed a monster.  Carriers realized that by tagging a fee as a “regulatory” fee, they could add the fee to the […]

If you want contract amendments done right, draft them yourself

Telecom and IT vendors are quick to supply contract forms, and then to insist on working from them. That puts the onus on the buyer to catch the “gotchas” and one-sided terms that the vendor inserted, a task that can be exhausting and penalizes the unwary or eager. As any […]

Time is so NOT on the Customer’s Side

The carriers know that enterprise customer leverage declines dramatically the closer you get to the expiration of a contract or the hoped for installation date of a new service, and they work tirelessly to take advantage of this.  Here are four techniques vendors employ to capitalize on a customer’s time […]

Buying telecom isn’t like buying pencils

For many enterprises, procurements are an exercise in “filling in the blanks.” It doesn’t really matter what the customer is buying-office supplies, soap, ergonomic chairs-a procurement is just a matter of taking the customer’s boilerplate documentation, specifying the price, type and quantity of the applicable goods or services and-voilá!-there’s the […]