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Information Security Demands More Than Privacy Laws Compliance

Protecting personal information is necessary to comply with California’s CCPA and various state and federal laws, but it goes much further.  Companies must protect the underpinnings of their businesses – their intellectual property, trade secrets, and highly sensitive communications – against unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. Listen to this 12 […]

Voice is (Not) Dead

For nearly 15 years, telecom industry pundits have declared the death of voice, or at least the death of the traditional PSTN network.  This claim that voice is dead is a bit overstated, but one could reasonably argue that it’s now on life support.  Listen to this 10 minute podcast […]

Catching the 5G Wave – Part 2

In this second episode of the two-part podcast series Catching the 5G Wave, TC2’s David Lee and Joe Schmidt continue their discussion on how 5G will impact the enterprise.  David and Joe explain why new devices are needed to take advantage of the faster speeds, lower latency, and guaranteed service […]

Catching the 5G Wave – Part 1

5G is the newest wireless technology that promises to shake up how we use – and what we can do – with wireless services.  While 5G may not be widely available in 2020, at some point it will be, and enterprises need to be ready for it.  In this two-part […]

Understanding the New Federal Laws Covering Enterprise 911

Companies face big challenges today making sure that their employees can access emergency services when they dial 911. On top of that, ensuring that accurate call-back and location information is transmitted with each 911 call is particularly difficult as companies deploy technologies like VoIP, which dramatically increases the mobility of […]