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Category: Podcasts

Common Problems and Opportunities with your Network Transport Expenses – Part 2

In this podcast, TC2’s Theresa Knutson and Julie Gardner, leaders of TC2’s contract compliance and optimization practice, continue their discussion with Joe Schmidt about some common problems and opportunities enterprises face with network transport expenses. Listen to this 9 minute podcast as Theresa and Julie describe how billing disputes are […]

Common Problems and Opportunities with your Network Transport Expenses – Part 1

Enterprises face many increasingly complex issues trying to manage network transport expenses.  The issues range from how to process credits, dispute charges, and manage internal Telecom Expense Management and Accounts Payable processes, and as service providers slash account teams the responsibility for resolving these issues has been pushed back to […]

Optimizing the End-User Experience – part 2

In part two of our podcast about optimizing the end-user experience, we take a look at the possible tools, technologies, and services that are now available to this end.  In particular, we examine the use of Cloud-Exchange service providers and Infrastructure Management solutions in the enterprise. Listen to this 8 […]

IoT – The Interdependence of (Numerous) Transactions

IoT, or the Internet of Things, is an ecosystem of sensors, monitors, and smart devices that collect and share data wirelessly, without human intervention.  But IoT could also be an acronym for the Interdependence of Transactions because the IoT ecosystem involves numerous individual components that have to work together. Listen […]

The State of Play of IT Outsourcing and Managed Services

An important question IT organizations have to ask when evaluating their network and ICT needs is – Should I outsource or am I better off doing it in-house?  Like so many questions with technology, the answer is … it depends. Listen to this 9 minute podcast as TC2 Managing Director […]

Optimizing the End-User Experience – part 1

With the rapid proliferation of cloud-based apps and use of cloud-based SaaS and UC solutions, optimizing the end-user experience in your enterprise can be a significant challenge. Corporate users expect the same fast and reliable experience every time they access company resources, regardless of where they are or how they […]