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Negotiating A More Perfect SLA

Network Magazine – Reading and negotiating an SLA is about as interesting as copyediting the New York City phone book. Here’s practical advice on negotiating with service providers to get the most from your SLA. No part of a communications service agreement is harder to negotiate than the SLA. One […]

Smart Contracts Make Smooth Flights

Network World – Just as take-offs and landings are the riskiest parts of flying, the beginning and end are the riskiest parts of a network service agreement. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid some of the most common problems. In the take-off phase, falling short of minimum volume commitments is […]

You Can Do Something About the Growing Universal Service Burden

Business Communications Review – With new regulations coming, businesses must make their concerns known to the FCC. Everyone hates to see universal service sur­charges on their bills. (AT&T calls it the Universal Connectivity Charge, MCI labels it the Federal Universal Service Fee and Sprint identifies it as the Universal Service […]

Wrangling for a Refund

Network World – It’s been about a decade since long-distance carriers began flat-rating their per-minute toll charges instead of charging according to mileage bands. But only recently have many network managers begun to realize that this move should have changed the way the carriers apply taxes. Several dozen Fortune 500 […]

VoIP and Your Telecom Contract

Network World – Many users are testing and evaluating VoIP options. As you consider items that could affect the cost of transitioning to VoIP, don’t overlook a critical factor right in front of you – your telecom contract. Before you invest in VoIP, make sure that moving your traditional voice […]