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Over the last several years, enterprise use of mobile (i.e., wireless) services and devices has surged, and the variety and complexity of new offerings is growing exponentially.  At the same time, wireless providers are consolidating, diminishing competition and leading to practices such as parallel pricing.  Given the opacity and complexity of wireless plans and pricing, there is significant waste - and a corresponding potential for substantial savings - in enterprise wireless procurements.

Contracting and Competitive Procurements

We draft and negotiate:

  • Enterprise wireless service and equipment agreements, both domestic and foreign
  • Agreements for in-building repeater or distributed antenna systems
  • Agreements with aggregators and gateway providers for mobile advertising, mass notification solutions, and mobile content, and
  • Agreements with wireless app developers

We also assist clients in developing RFPs and RFIs for competitive wireless procurements.

Wireless Technology Legal and Regulatory Matters

Common ways in which our clients and other enterprises are using wireless services include:

  • Issuing wireless devices to employees to use for voice, data, and SMS communication,
  • Installing and operating Wi-Fi networks and Distributed Antenna Systems,
  • Using location-based services,
  • Leveraging text messaging and mobile-device-based social media for targeted marketing campaigns,
  • Using wireless to add redundancy to the corporate LAN and VLAN, and
  • Pushing critical or time-sensitive targeted notifications to employees and customers.

All these applications raise legal and regulatory issues ranging from licensing to liens, privacy to PCI compliance, and taxation to tort liability, to name a few.  LB3 has counseled clients on the issues they must address when they deploy new wireless applications to improve efficiency, deliver better products and services to their customers, and gain a competitive edge over rivals.    

We have also served as FCC counsel to entities seeking to purchase spectrum at FCC-sponsored auctions and as regulatory counsel to clients requiring FCC approval of the assignment of radio licenses as part of a corporate merger or acquisition.  You can read more about those services on our Spectrum Wireless and Infrastructure Development page.