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TDM: It’s ‘Time to Decommission and Move’

Think about time-division multiplexing, once the bedrock for most networking, as something else entirely now! Know anyone still using Windows 7 at the beginning of 2020? If so, you probably couldn’t find a better example of what software “end of support” means. Technology innovation relentlessly produces better, faster, and cheaper […]

Automation and Managed Network Services Deals

Automation is everywhere and is quickly being adopted by service providers to streamline how they provision and support their technology and services. Enterprises need to be prepared as automation in IT service management is becoming an increasingly important component of managed network services deals. Listen to this 10 minute podcast […]

Tips for Controlling Network Services Deals During COVID-19 – Part 2

In this 5 minute second part of the two-part podcast series, Larry York, TC2’s Executive Director, along with Directors Tony Mangino and Joe Schmidt, continue their discussion of how COVID-19 is impacting enterprise network services and related contracts. In this podcast we look at what ICT service providers might be […]