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Enterprises Depend on UC More Than Ever – Part 1

Companies are increasingly re-evaluating their Unified Communications (UC) solutions, because as The Wall Street Journal recently highlighted, during the COVID-19 pandemic enterprise UC solutions are supporting the physical and emotional health of many companies.  This new dependency on UC has also revealed several issues and, perhaps, opportunities with enterprise communications […]

CenturyLink Becomes Lumen

CenturyLink, a Tier 1 ISP and a major provider of network services to enterprise customers, has changed its name to “Lumen”. After sorting through many of the PR and marketing announcements, it’s pretty clear that this is a rebranding and renaming strategy, at least for right now. It is possible […]

CenturyLink Causes a Massive Internet Outage

On Sunday, August 30, there was a massive, half-day network outage that interrupted service across the US.  The latest news reports indicate that there was an astonishing 3.5% drop in global internet traffic during the down time incident which appears to have been caused by CenturyLink, one of the world’s […]

The FCC’s Robocalling Order Comes Up Short in Helping Enterprises

Last month the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued an Order in the ongoing robocalling proceeding and, unfortunately, it could spell trouble for enterprise customers engaged in any form of customer outreach by phone.  While the FCC’s intention may have been good, it was short-sighted and failed to clearly define the […]