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LB3 has significant experience working with clients that deploy and use private wireless or fiber optic communications facilities in support of their Information Technology (IT) or Operational Technology (OT).  Private wireless and fiber optic facilities are critical to supporting many types of business and government operations, including energy utilities, transportation companies, manufacturing concerns, and public safety agencies.

We have assisted many enterprise users, including some of the largest owners of private wireless or fiber optic systems in the country, in all facets of system development and operation.  Our regulatory and transactional guidance has included:

  • Applying for FCC licenses in a variety of radio services and frequency bands, including requests for rule waivers to accommodate innovative operations.
  • Participating in FCC spectrum auctions.
  • Buying and leasing radio spectrum in the secondary market, as well as transactions for the purchase and installation of radio systems.
  • Advising on the development of new radio tower sites, including environmental compliance, historic preservation, tribal notifications, RF safety, and clearance of structures by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
  • Advising licensees on compliance with FCC operational requirements, including FCC build-out requirements for site-based or geographic licenses.
  • Obtaining FCC consent for license assignments or transfers of control, including compliance with eligibility and foreign ownership conditions.
  • Advice on tower marking and lighting conditions, and on maintenance of tower light monitoring systems.
  • Counseling on access to public and private rights-of-way (ROW) for installation of communications facilities.
  • Advising on compliance with FCC regulations governing access to and pricing of attachments to utility poles, ducts, conduits and rights-of-way.
  • Negotiations for the purchase or lease of "dark fiber," including Indefeasible Rights of Use (IRUs).