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Protect Your pre-1997 IP Address

With IPv4 space running out any day now, is your legacy IP address space safe?
Marc Lindsey

If your company obtained its IP address space before 1997, you have probably received several letters from the American Registry for Internet Numbers Ltd. (ARIN) encouraging you to enter into a contractual agreement to protect the IP address. But should you sign it?

ARIN’s contract is called the Legacy Registration Services Agreement (Legacy RSA). It proposes to give companies contractual guarantees, including grandfathering of certain protected rights; continued use — at no extra charge, at least for now — of IP address services like “in-addr” and “whois” listings; reduced annual fees compared with those of ARIN’s regular IP address holders; and future fee waivers, in exchange for returning unused IP address space.

But be careful — there are several issues you should consider before signing up for this.


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