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Enterprise Connect: March 27-30, 2023 – Orlando, FL

On Monday, March 27th TC2’s Joe Schmidt returns as a featured presenter at the Enterprise Connect 2023 conference.  Managing a large-scale migration is complex in scale, governance, corporate decision-making, and meeting user needs and regional requirements. The timeline can stretch beyond anticipation and stakeholders find themselves outmatched by the task […]

TEM is More Important Than Ever

If you’ve ever looked closely at your ICT billing, you’d probably agree that it can be pretty complex and sadly, often inaccurate.  That’s one of the reasons that telecom expense management (TEM) has grown as an industry and why enterprises have come to depend on the services TEM companies offer. […]

What to Expect in 2023

LB3 and TC2 have compiled a list of ICT topics that we believe will have a significant impact on enterprise customers in 2023.  We will explore the following areas in greater detail on our Staying Connected podcast series, with episodes dedicated to each topic. We hope you will tune in.  1.  […]

Online Guides – The Trojan Horse of ICT Contracts

Most enterprise telecommunication contracts contain terms that are quite unfriendly to the customer.  That’s because these unfavorable terms are hidden in the carrier’s online terms known as service guides, guides, service publications, and other benign terms. Listen to this 12-minute podcast as Laura McDonald, a Senior Partner at LB3, and […]

Mobile Privacy Invasions Continue

Personal information generates considerable revenue for companies who collect it.  Google has users’ location information that it offers to advertisers for targeted ad placements, and it delivers massive profits to Google.  The practice, however, has landed Google in some hot water. Listen to this 8-minute podcast as Kevin DiLallo, an […]

What You Need to Know About CBRS

The Citizens Broadband Radio Service, also known as CBRS, has drawn little media attention compared to 5G cellular, but it is starting to get some traction with carriers, ISPs, and enterprise customers.  There are a number of legal and technical issues that a user needs to consider before committing to […]