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Catching the 5G Wave

Is 2020 the year that “true” 5G is available for enterprises?  As we wrote in our Network World article last year (“Like 4G before it, 5G is being hyped”), when it finally happens, 5G will truly be revolutionary.  In this article we’ll describe what 5G is and how it technically […]

Understanding the New Federal Laws Covering Enterprise 911

Companies face big challenges today making sure that their employees can access emergency services when they dial 911. On top of that, ensuring that accurate call-back and location information is transmitted with each 911 call is particularly difficult as companies deploy technologies like VoIP, which dramatically increases the mobility of […]

Sprint and T-Mobile Merger Update: January 2020

It’s been nearly two years since the proposed merger between Sprint and T-Mobile was announced, and the deal is still pending.  Even though the Department of Justice and the FCC have granted approval, with stipulations, a lawsuit trying to stop the merger that pits Sprint and T-Mobile against a group […]