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The Latest Network Infrastructure Pricing Trends

On today’s installment of the podcast series “Staying Ahead of the Demand for Network Cost Savings“, Jack Deal, one of TC2’s Managing Directors, and Tony Mangino, a Project Director at TC2, discuss the latest trends in network and infrastructure pricing with TC2’s Joe Schmidt. During this 9 minute podcast, Jack […]

Staying Ahead of the Demand for Network Cost Savings

Today LB3 and TC2 kicked off a special educational series* titled “Staying Ahead of the Demand for Network Cost Savings.” The podcast series will run over the next several weeks and will cover a range of topics addressing enterprise network transformation, cost-saving strategies, contract compliance and optimization, and so much […]

Successful Competitive Procurements Start with a Robust Sourcing Strategy

Sophisticated buyers of ICT know that a successful competitive procurement starts by developing a robust sourcing strategy. But how does an enterprise go about developing a sourcing strategy and what are the key ingredients? Listen to this 14-minute podcast as TC2’s Larry York, Ben Fox, and Joe Schmidt discuss how […]

Own Your Deal or Your Supplier Will Own You

At LB3 and TC2 we spend a lot of our timing helping clients negotiate best-in-class deals for telecom, ICT, and other technology solutions. We’ve done this for many years, so we know what best-in-class looks like. Unfortunately, we also occasionally come across deals that are not quite best-in-class and where […]