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TEM Continues to Evolve in 2021

The Telecom Expense Management (TEM) industry continues to evolve, with the top TEM providers offering to manage even more of your ICT Spend.  Not only do you need the basics of invoice receipt, processing, payment, audit, inventory and reporting for wireline and wireless services, but you might also need those […]

Security Breaches Keep Enterprises on Edge

The recent SolarWinds software hack, and hacks related to that breach, show why enterprises need to keep ahead of the ever-challenging security environment.  Unfortunately, these types of attacks are becoming more commonplace and even powerhouse Microsoft is a target for the bad actors. Listen to this 13 minute podcast as […]

Evolutionary Changes are Coming in the ICT Industry

In 2021 enterprises can expect to see many evolutionary changes for network services and solutions, along with the suppliers that sell them.  Several significant transformations were announced in the last few years and plenty of work remains. Listen to this 14 minute podcast as Jack Deal, one of TC2’s Managing […]