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The Necessary Steps to Realize Big Network Cost Savings

There’s always a way to create competition and a healthy tension with suppliers that will result in big savings on your network services. Last year, for example, many of our clients saw significant cost reductions when they migrated MPLS to an SD-WAN solution using broadband and internet connections and moved […]

The Hidden Risk of Abandoned Infrastructure

Did you ever look around at all of the various infrastructures on your sites that are needed for service providers to deliver communications services? There’s a lot of equipment and cabling needed to get that data from the device to the data center. But whose responsibility is it to clean […]

Verizon Reorganization

On the heels of Verizon’s recent workforce reduction announcement, they’ve revealed they’re also reorganizing their business units. What is this new organization structure going to look like and how will it affect the enterprise customer? Will combining wireless and wireline under the same business and leadership structure serve the enterprise […]

Is an SD-WAN managed service right for you?

Network World – Mark Sheard & Jack Deal.   For enterprises considering an SD-WAN solution, one of the key choices will be who will implement and manage it. For some enterprises this is a relatively straightforward decision; for others the choice may require more deliberation. In either case, best-practice sourcing dictates […]

The Bandwidth Tradeoff

Global demand for internet transport is skyrocketing due to changes in network edge technology, greater use of cloud services that don’t necessitate backhauling all traffic to your data center, and just generally greater adoption of the hybrid WAN. What’s surprising is that the cost for broadband internet has increased marginally […]