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Negotiating Mid-Market Deals Requires a Different Perspective

When negotiating mid-market deals enterprises require a different perspective than they employ in their big business deals.  Even though requirements may be just as complex as in those larger deals, the dynamics of the procurement are decidedly different.  In this 6 minute podcast TC2 Directors Tony Mangino and Joe Schmidt […]

5G Deployment and Radio Altimeters—A Clash of Industries and Regulators

There is a fascinating dispute unfolding between the wireless communications industry and the aviation industry, or rather, a dispute between their respective regulators, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  The dispute revolves around the wireless carriers’ use of C-Band spectrum to deliver 5G and the […]

Don’t Just Hand your Incumbent Carrier your SD-WAN Business

When you buy technology, the easy choice is to buy it from your incumbent supplier, and frankly, if you have a good relationship with that supplier and a contract with competitive pricing, that’s probably the right choice.  When you’re looking at a new technology like SD-WAN, however, handing the business […]

LB3 Persuades FCC to Ensure Text Access to Suicide Prevention Lifeline in Pro Bono Effort for Disabilities Rights Organizations

LB3, led by partner Kevin DiLallo, represented the National Association of the Deaf and a coalition of over 30 disabilities rights organizations filing as Communications Equality Advocates (CEA) in successfully persuading the FCC to require messaging service providers to allow their subscribers to reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline via text to 988.

Enterprises Beware: The Costs of ILEC Local Services are Rising

If you’re a buyer of ICT and network services, you’re probably quite familiar with SIP trunking, MPLS, UC, cloud, and many other go-to solutions used in the enterprise.  You may, however, be less familiar with legacy services such as POTS, FX, ISDN, and TDM.  These are the technologies that have […]

Digital Transformation & Software-Defined Wide-Area Networking

How do you get the most out of the transformational opportunity presented by Software-Defined Wide-Area Networking (“SD-WAN”)?  Separate or modularized RFPs may be the best way to engage and exert maximum leverage across the range of provider alternatives who might fit your needs. TC2 Director Anthony Mangino recently penned an […]