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FCC Adopts New Rules on RF Safety

The FCC recently voted to change its rules on how to best protect the general public and trained workers from the health risks associated with radiofrequency (RF) emissions. The FCC decided not to change its long-standing RF exposure limits, finding that there was an insufficient scientific record to change the […]

Information Security Demands More Than Privacy Laws Compliance

Protecting personal information is necessary to comply with California’s CCPA and various state and federal laws, but it goes much further.  Companies must protect the underpinnings of their businesses – their intellectual property, trade secrets, and highly sensitive communications – against unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. Listen to this 12 […]

Voice is (Not) Dead

For nearly 15 years, telecom industry pundits have declared the death of voice, or at least the death of the traditional PSTN network.  This claim that voice is dead is a bit overstated, but one could reasonably argue that it’s now on life support.  Listen to this 10 minute podcast […]

California Consumer Privacy Act is a Game Changer for Large IT, Telecom, and Outsourcing Customers

On January 1, 2020, the California Consumer Privacy Act (the “CCPA” or “Act”) took effect.  It is a game changer for enterprise users of telecom, IT, and outsourcing services.  Although its protections are limited to California “consumers” (a statutory term that includes both a business’s customers and employees), most large […]

Voice is (NOT) Dead

For the last decade, the industry and press have declared the death of voice, or at least the traditional PSTN network.  Like the premature report of Mark Twain’s death, the reports are exaggerated, but not without merit.  Voice is dying, but it is not dead; in the telecom industry, change […]

Atlanta Conference – October 22, 2020

Join LB3 and TC2 in Atlanta for a half-day conference focused on how to procure best-in-class IT and telecom services while driving cost savings to your organization’s bottom line. Our upcoming get-together in Atlanta will focus on topics of critical interest for network sourcing and IT service professionals including: next-generation […]