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Enterprise Customers Diversify Away from Cisco

When rethinking their ICT infrastructure strategy, enterprise customers are demonstrating an increased willingness to diversify away from Cisco, focusing on the continued transformation to cost-effective, secure, easy-to-manage, cloud-first architectures.  Equipment providers including Juniper, Palo Alto, Arista Networks, and HPE/Aruba are positioned favorably to benefit from the diversification.  Odds are that […]

Contact Centers as a Service: Our Predictions for 2024

Looking forward into 2024, we expect an upsurge in migrations from on-premise solutions to cloud and hybrid cloud deployments.  While enterprises often engage third-party help for implementation support and optimization as they move from legacy to cloud-based solutions, once implemented, enterprises will continue to bring more of the day-to-day management […]

CBRS: A Work in Progress

On this episode of Staying Connected we continue our ongoing discussion of enterprise use of private 5G networks in general and in particular, enterprise use of Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS). In this 9-minute podcast, David Lee and Steve Rosen join Tony Mangino to discuss the technical and regulatory idiosyncrasies […]

ICT Regulatory Outlook

Laws and regulations related to technology issues can have direct (and sometimes indirect) impacts on the cost and delivery of the products and services that enterprise customers must purchase to keep their businesses running.  In 2024, information and communications technology policy developments coming out of the Federal Communications Commission – […]

The Continued Transformation of the Legacy Enterprise MPLS WAN

MPLS has long been the networking technology of choice for most enterprises.  But while many enterprises have already dropped MPLS completely many others still rely on MPLS and, arguably, are losing out on the benefits of alternative networking technologies. In this 11-minute podcast, Mark Sheard and Keith Cook join Tony […]

Emerging Technologies

Satellite networks, low-earth orbit (LEO) constellations, and edge computing solutions will play a more prominent role in WAN connectivity for remote locations and latency-sensitive applications.  LEO providers will begin trialing technologies such as optical inter-satellite links (OISL) that create mesh networks in space with the ability to transport data 30% […]