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Are Your UC Sessions Safe and Secure?

Before COVID-19 slammed us all, you probably participated on the occasional conference call.  But today, you’re probably connecting using any number of UC platforms on a regular basis to communicate with colleagues, customers, vendors, family, friends … well, you get the picture.  Regardless of what UC platform you use, it’s […]

Perspective on Gartner’s TEM Market Guide

Gartner recently published their Market Guide for Telecom Expense Management Services, and the report provides some very good analytical insight into the everchanging TEM industry.  At TC2 and LB3, we have been supporting clients with their TEM needs long before the TEM industry as we now know it existed, and […]

Enterprises Depend on UC More Than Ever – Part 2

In this 12 minute part-two podcast, TC2’s David Lee and Joe Schmidt continue their discussion about why enterprises are depending on unified communications, or UC, more than ever.  How do companies decide if a premise-based or UCaaS solution is the right fit, and which companies are worthy of consideration?  Of […]

Is Your Provider Delivering What You Bought? – Part 2

In part one of this two-part series, we highlighted some areas where your trusted ICT vendors might not be delivering everything you thought you bought.  On this part-two of the podcast series, we offer up some guidance on what enterprises can do to get what you paid for. Listen to […]

Is Your Provider Delivering What You Think You Bought? – Part 1

Companies spend a lot of time planning and implementing cost effective, resilient technical solutions and programs to support their business needs.  But how do you guarantee what you’re paying for, with an increasingly limited IT budget, is actually being delivered by your service providers?  And what do you do if […]