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Fixed Wireless Access

5G was in the doldrums, but 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is a success story – it is growing and we predict more adoption by enterprise customers in 2024.  In certain industries, particularly those with more remote or ex-suburban presences, 5G FWA tempts enterprise customers as an alternative to fixed […]

Contract Guardrails to Prevent AI Mishaps

This is the season of AI, and it should be no surprise that we predict that AI will continue to have a significant (and growing) impact on the ICT market and day-to-day use of information, communications, and network deals.  Three areas in which AI-driven change will directly impact ICT in […]

Contract Guardrails to Prevent AI Mishaps

*This piece was not written by, or with the help of, AI! ICT service providers, like most other companies, are increasingly using Artificial Intelligence to drive efficiencies and savings in their back-office operations and their provision of services to customers.  While increased efficiencies and savings are, of course, beneficial for […]

Pendulum Swings for Managed Services

2024 is a year of customer/user experience. In this 12-minute podcast, Frank Zagrodnik and Bryan Carriker join Sara Crifasi to discuss how enterprises continue to evolve their use of outsourced managed network service (MNS) arrangements, including co-management models – where the customer and provider collaborate on delivering certain functions deemed […]

Rethinking Cloud

Enterprises did a herculean job of adapting to the pressures imposed by the pandemic, but now find themselves managing multiple cloud solutions with confusing invoices and overwhelming costs.  In 2024 enterprise customers will deal with two big cloud-related challenges – cloud management and cloud costs. In this 10-minute podcast, Deb […]