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When Sourcing Dedicated Internet Access, Consider the Full Cost Picture

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is a networking staple for enterprises that have deployed or are planning to deploy SD-WAN solutions.  DIA pricing, however, can vary significantly among providers, and enterprises may be losing potentially significant cost savings if they don’t understand the cost elements for these types of circuits. In […]

Negotiating ICT Contract Renewals in an Evolving Market

On this episode of Staying Connected we discuss how customers can effectively negotiate a contract renewal with an incumbent provider in the absence of a full-blown competitive RFP process.  Why might a customer choose the alternative of a negotiated renewal rather than running an RFP?  Larry York, TC2’s Executive Director […]

The FCC Acts to Reinstate Net Neutrality Rules (Again!)

This week, the Federal Communications Commission began a rulemaking proceeding to consider re-adoption of the net neutrality rules.  This contentious, long-fought proceeding examines changing the regulatory classification of broadband internet access service, and imposing safeguards to prevent internet service providers from exploiting the access monopoly they control between their customers, […]

The Gartner TEM Market Guide Returns

On this episode of Staying Connected, we discuss Gartner’s recently updated Market Guide for Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Services.   In this 12-minute podcast, Theresa Knutson and Julie Gardner join Tony Mangino to provide their perspective on Gartner’s updated Market Guide and the larger TEM marketplace based on the work […]

Verizon and HCL Strategic Partnership Update

On this episode of Staying Connected we discuss what we’ve learned since the August 10th announcement of the strategic partnership between Verizon Business and HCL Tech.   In this 8-minute podcast, David Lee, TC2’s Technology Director joins Tony Mangino to provide insight on what we now know and what Verizon’s […]