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Mistakes to Avoid in a Global Cloud Migration

Large scale migrations of network services to cloud-based solutions require a carefully orchestrated sourcing and migration plan to ensure a seamless transition of your company’s mission critical services.  If you are a large enterprise with a big national or global network footprint, you have to make sure that your internal […]

What a Recession Could Mean for Enterprise Deals

Many economic pundits believe a global recession in 2023 is likely, and that includes the U.S.  While a down economy could impact you personally, what does it mean for buyers and sellers of technology? In this 10-minute podcast Deb Boehling, a Senior Partner at LB3, and TC2’s Joe Schmidt look […]

Vendors Have a Surcharge Addiction

The introduction of new technologies and lower cost alternatives to legacy telecom has been great for enterprise buyers of ICT, but not so great for the incumbent vendors, because these changes cut into their profits.  To counter the declining revenue stream, vendors have created new, more lucrative sources of revenue […]

Fixed Wireless Access – A Technology Whose Time Has Come

Fixed Wireless Access, or FWA, has attracted a lot of attention from residential and commercial users recently, and for good reason.  As speeds have increased, latency has reduced, and the service has become more reliable, wireless broadband service is becoming a viable alternative to wired last-mile connections to the Internet.  […]