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ICT Vendor Inflation Problems are Becoming Enterprise Inflation Problems

Record inflation is having some impact on everyone’s personal lives.  It is also taking its toll on enterprise ICT budgets, and telecom and other IT companies are working hard to make their inflation problems your inflation problems. On this 10-minute podcast TC2’s Larry York, TC2’s Executive Director, Brent Knight, a […]

Negotiating Customized IT Services Deals

Many of the large systems integrators’ recent financial results indicate that large enterprises are increasingly turning to global system integrators, outsourcers, and professional services firms to deliver their IT functions and strategic projects, combining traditional IT outsourcing with large, transformational IT programs. In this 10-minute podcast, Ben Fox, one of […]

Verizon Pads Its Bottom Line by Imposing Economic Adjustment Charge

Telecom vendors love to pile on charges that fall outside the rates for services that enterprise customers work hard to negotiate and lock down in their agreements.  Although vendors give these add-on charges official-sounding names, they are nothing more than made-up, add-on charges that improve vendors’ revenue and compromise customers’ […]