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How to Drive Cost Savings from your Network Spend

Companies are always looking for ways to drive cost savings, and in today’s uncertain environment it’s more important than ever.  Invoices from network services providers are complex and that complexity leads to waste or spending money on things that you don’t use or shouldn’t be paying for in your network […]

It’s Time to Decommission and Move Your TDM-Based Networking

Following up on an article they recently wrote, Jack Deal, one of TC2’s Managing Directors, and Mark Sheard, TC2’s UK Managing Director, discuss with TC2’s Joe Schmidt whether enterprises should still be using legacy time division multiplexing (TDM)-based networking and what the alternatives are if they decide to decommission the […]

M&A To Dos with Telecom Contracts – Part 2

In this second episode of the two-part podcast series, Laura McDonald, a Partner at LB3, and Pat Gilpatrick, a Director at TC2, continue their discussion with TC2’s Joe Schmidt about what companies need to do to achieve maximum benefit from their ICT contracts when working through a merger. In this […]

M&A To Dos with Telecom Contracts – Part 1

One thing is certain for businesses, company mergers and acquisitions will always be a fact of life.  If you work for a company that is merging, what do you do when two ICT contracts exist for the same supplier or the same services?  What do you need to know, and […]

TDM: It’s ‘Time to Decommission and Move’

Think about time-division multiplexing, once the bedrock for most networking, as something else entirely now! Know anyone still using Windows 7 at the beginning of 2020? If so, you probably couldn’t find a better example of what software “end of support” means. Technology innovation relentlessly produces better, faster, and cheaper […]