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Net Neutrality and the Open Internet

On the telecom regulatory front, the FCC is formally reinstating a new set of net neutrality rules that reignites what is a highly controversial, on-again/off-again debate regarding the regulation of broadband Internet access services (BIAS).  In this 10-minute podcast, Steve Rosen and Sara Crifasi join Tony Mangino to explain the […]

Coping with COLA in your Outsourcing Deal Negotiations

Cost of living adjustments, or COLA, are always a key topic in outsourcing contracts, and their presence in negotiations has only been exacerbated with COVID and recent general inflationary pressures. In this 7-minute podcast, Ben Fox joins Sara Crifasi to discuss service providers’ recent struggles with COLA and how enterprise […]

Lumen’s Recent Layoff Announcement

As enterprise customers know, layoffs and downsizing are a constant part of the ICT provider business lifecycle. Recently, Lumen announced that it will be reducing its staff by approximately 7%, and enterprises may feel the impact of the provider’s decreased headcount. In this 5-minute podcast, TC2’s Brent Knight joins Sara […]

Farewell to AT&T Corp.

AT&T is quietly proceeding with a corporate restructuring that will, in AT&T’s words, involve a series of internal transactions that “merges AT&T Corp. out of existence”.  AT&T has not made any flashy announcements about this change.  Instead, they have added one line to relevant invoices telling customers that “effective May […]

Look Out for Upcoming Changes to Lumen Account Support

While companies should always be on the lookout for unexpected hikes in their ICT spend, in today’s uncertain environment it is more important than ever to maintain vigilance. Just last month Lumen notified its customers of an upcoming change to their operational and technical support structure that may leave enterprises […]

Deal Integration – Headache or Opportunity?

Merger and acquisition activity can be beneficial to the business, but it can also lead to complications when it comes to integrating ICT deals of the two entities.  Harmonizing disparate commercial terms, service schedules and pricing from legacy contracts can be a headache. In this 7-minute podcast, Keith Cook and […]