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Category: Podcasts

New FCC Rules Target Spam Text Messages

Text messaging is an increasingly popular way for businesses to communicate with their customers, but its ease of use and attention-grabbing alerts have made it a prime target for scammers. The recent rise in text message “spam” – texts that are sent without the recipient’s consent and usually for a […]

MAD Events Will Impact ICT Deals in 2023

There is a lot happening in the world right now and it’s making a lot of people and companies a little anxious.  This uneasiness with the economy, regulatory environment, and general business climate will impact company mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures (MAD). In this 9-minute podcast, Deb Boehling, a Partner at […]

Negotiating Cloud Commitments

Enterprise use of cloud services has grown exponentially over the past several years, and as the size of cloud deals increases, enterprise customers must carefully assess the scope of any commitment agreed to in return for discounts and other benefits.  In this 9-minute podcast with LB3’s Sara Crifasi, TC2 Managing […]

Big Changes in the TEM Industry

Technology Expense Management (TEM) is vital to enterprises for helping keep costs in check, but it’s an industry undergoing a lot of change.  Major TEM providers have added to their service offerings to cover more spend categories and support options, while the industry continues to see a lot of mergers, […]