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Category: Podcasts

NTT Makes Some Big Changes

NTT, one of the world’s largest network service providers, announced on July 1 that it launched a new company called NTT Limited. NTT describes the new company as a world-leading global technology services provider that brings together the capabilities of 28 companies, including NTT Communications, Dimension Data, and NTT Security. […]

Why IT Services Deals Fail and How to Resolve Disputes

Sometimes IT services deals fail.  It could be because the provider is incapable of performing the scope of services, or lacks the skills and resources to meet the customer’s requirements.  Or perhaps the customer’s requirements have evolved beyond the confines of the original arrangement. Regardless of the reason, you need […]

Podcast: A Huge Increase in the FUSF Factor

Last week, the Federal Communications Commission announced a jaw droppingly high USF contribution factor—24.4%. In simple terms, for every $10 million a business spends on telecom services, an enterprise will also be laying out an additional $2.4 million in USF assessments. Even worse, this number will likely go higher unless […]

Sprint/T-Mobile Merger Update

The proposed merger between Sprint and T-Mobile was announced over a year ago and the deal is still pending. The merger is being closely reviewed in Washington because one camp believes fewer mobile carriers would be bad for consumers, while another camp sees a stronger third wireless carrier as important […]

Delivering Innovation & Cost Savings Conferences

For nearly 20 years the lawyers of LB3 and consultants of TC2 have been running conferences to share our knowledge of the telecom and information communications technology market. In 2019 we’ve already delivered our conference in Atlanta and will soon be presenting our London conference, followed by Minneapolis and then […]