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Category: Podcasts

The Bandwidth Tradeoff

Global demand for internet transport is skyrocketing due to changes in network edge technology, greater use of cloud services that don’t necessitate backhauling all traffic to your data center, and just generally greater adoption of the hybrid WAN. What’s surprising is that the cost for broadband internet has increased marginally […]

Verizon Severances

Last month, Verizon announced that they are targeting to reduce their workforce by as much as 25% by offering a voluntary severance package – that’s about 44,000 employees. Verizon also hopes to transfer thousands of employees to Indian outsourcer Infosys. This significant reduction in workforce will surely have some impact […]

Resolving Billing Issues with Service Providers Takes Time

Historically, resolving billing issues with service providers used to take a few months and were handled directly by an enterprise’s assigned account team. The account teams knew you, knew your company, and most importantly, knew your specific contract terms and conditions. But things have changed. Today that timeframe has grown […]

Wireless Optimization

It’s surprising, but big cost savings continue to be available by optimizing U.S. wireless rate plans, features, and other services. As rate plans have changed, the days of optimizing voice pools have given way to analyzing data pools, international roaming plans, and the numerous add-ons and features that drive up […]