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Category: Podcasts

Has My Provider Gone “MAD”?

ICT service providers spin-off entities and services, acquire others, go into bankruptcy, and merge.  When contracting with a provider, you need to take steps to ensure these changes don’t adversely impact your deal and the services you are purchasing.  More importantly, you need to think about what you can do […]

Lumen’s New Rate Increase

Companies are always on the lookout for unexpected increases in their telecommunications spend and today, in this uncertain environment, it is more important than ever to maintain vigilance. Case in point: buried in customers’ May 2023 invoices Lumen provided notice that they would be increasing rates for out-of-term services by […]

Avoiding the Dreaded “Undeliverable” Text Message

If your enterprise has noticed lower than usual text message completion rates lately, you aren’t alone.  Mobile network operators are increasingly blocking enterprise customers’ legitimate outbound text messages, spurred by FCC decisions on text messaging’s regulatory classification and a push to limit illegal spam robotexts. In this 9-minute podcast, LB3 […]

Reflections on Twenty Years of Change

Ahead of his retirement from TC2 at the end of this month, Joe Schmidt talks to Ben Fox about how the communications industry that we work in has evolved over his 21+ years with TC2, and how we’ve evolved with it – from the network services that preceded MPLS, through […]

ChatGPT’s Implications for Networking and Communications – Part 2

ChatGPT and other AI systems continue to captivate IT executives but have also caught the attention of governments and government agencies that want to keep the technology in check.  A successful deployment of these AI systems can offer massive productivity gains, but caution is required because untrained GPT systems can […]