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Category: Podcasts

T-Mobile Makes a Cogent Wireline Deal

As we covered in previous podcasts, T-Mobile has conveyed to customers that wireline services are not part of their long-term strategic service portfolio.  However, last week’s announcement that T-Mobile is selling its wireline data services to Cogent caught many by surprise. Listen to this 6-minute podcast as Jack Deal, one […]

Service Provider Network Changes Could Impact Enterprise Service

Service providers often make changes to their core network infrastructure to introduce new technology or to retire legacy equipment and these changes, while well-intentioned, can and often do adversely affect enterprise service and resilient network designs. Listen to this 13-minute podcast as Laura McDonald, a Senior Partner at LB3, and […]

ICT Vendor Inflation Problems are Becoming Enterprise Inflation Problems

Record inflation is having some impact on everyone’s personal lives.  It is also taking its toll on enterprise ICT budgets, and telecom and other IT companies are working hard to make their inflation problems your inflation problems. On this 10-minute podcast TC2’s Larry York, TC2’s Executive Director, Brent Knight, a […]