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Category: Podcasts

AT&T and Verizon’s UnMergers

About five years ago AT&T and Verizon announced with great fanfare their strategic business expansion into the world of content development.  The carriers spent billions of dollars and had to overcome fierce regulatory resistance to acquire companies such as Time Warner and Yahoo.  Roll forward to 2021 and both companies […]

Understanding SLAs for Managed Services

A profound difference in the construct of service level agreements (SLAs) between managed services and outsourcing deals and network transport SLAs is that SLAs are more custom to a particular contract or customer.  Knowing what to measure and how to measure it, however, can be challenging. In this 10 minute […]

Achieving Meaningful WAN Service Levels

Wide Area Network service levels are critically important for helping keep an enterprise’s network humming.  Unfortunately, SLAs are not always well understood.  The key point of SLAs is to cover all services, end-to-end, and for the supplier and enterprise to have a clear understanding of who is accountable for the […]

Using RFPs to Deliver Innovation

When buying technology or ICT services, issuing an RFP to qualified suppliers is a great way to help frame out requirements and then do a fair, apples to apples comparison of the proposals you receive.  Astute companies also use RFP processes to identify and deliver innovation in IT services and […]

Look Out for the Rising Costs of ILEC Local Services

Do enterprises still use POTS lines?  Well, the ILECs appear to be asking the same question, because there is a disturbing trend taking place with ILEC pricing.  For example, one well-known ILEC recently raised its list rate for POTS services by a whopping 50%. Listen to this 9 minute podcast […]