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Category: Podcasts

SD-WAN Trends for 2021 and Beyond – Part 2

In this second part of the two-part series on SD-WAN, TC2’s Mark Sheard and Joe Schmidt take a closer look at SD-WAN, the benefits it can provide your company, and some of the pitfalls you better be watching for when you go down the SD-WAN path. In this 11 minute […]

SD-WAN Trends for 2021 and Beyond – Part 1

Over the last several years, SD-WAN has gained traction with companies looking to reduce networking costs, increase bandwidth flexibility, and improve performance.  The events of 2020 have forced most enterprises to rethink their network architectures and, not surprisingly, SD-WAN is a key component. In this 9 minute podcast, Mark Sheard, […]

Companies Need to Think Differently About New ICT Contracts

The typical long-term contract structure for enterprise ICT deals, particularly telecom deals, has traditionally been a revenue commitment over a fixed period of time.  This commitment might be a minimum annual revenue or volume commitment, or it might be a minimum term revenue or volume commitment.  New technologies and evolving […]

TEM Continues to Evolve in 2021

The Telecom Expense Management (TEM) industry continues to evolve, with the top TEM providers offering to manage even more of your ICT Spend.  Not only do you need the basics of invoice receipt, processing, payment, audit, inventory and reporting for wireline and wireless services, but you might also need those […]