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Impact on Enterprise Customers of AT&T Acquisition of T-Mobile

No Jitter ( Kevin DiLallo and Ben Fox AT&T’s proposed acquisition of T-Mobile USA will, if approved, significantly degrade the competitive landscape in the wireless services market. When all is said and done it could effectively reduce the number of significant providers not by a quarter but by half. The […]

IPv4: Is the Sky Really Falling?

The Voice Report: Telecom Junkies –  Marc Lindsey and George David.   Summary: You can’t read the trade press these days without seeing ominous headlines about the recently announced “exhaustion” of IPv4 internet addresses and the imperative to adopt the new IPv6 number format. But is IPv4 exhaustion really an urgent […]

Enterprise Connect 2011

Joaquin Gamboa and Marc Lindsey.   Unified Communications and Cloud Computing –  Enterprise Connect (formerly VoiceCon) is the leading U.S. conference dedicated to information and communications technologies for the enterprise. During the 2011 conference, Marc Lindsey participated in a Keynote Panel. The session, “Will the Cloud Take Over Enterprise Communications?,” put […]

Buying telecom isn’t like buying pencils

For many enterprises, procurements are an exercise in “filling in the blanks.” It doesn’t really matter what the customer is buying-office supplies, soap, ergonomic chairs-a procurement is just a matter of taking the customer’s boilerplate documentation, specifying the price, type and quantity of the applicable goods or services and-voilá!-there’s the […]