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Enterprise Connect Summit: SIP Trunking and The Cloud = The New Public Network?

Enterprise Connect Summit – Orlando, Fl
Marc Lindsey

Marc Lindsey, the LB3 partner, was a featured panelist during a new Enterprise Connect main session summit on the interplay between cloud computing and SIP trunking.

The combination of SIP Trunking and the Cloud gives service providers an altogether new set of business models: SIP Trunking, while cannibalizing traditional T1 services, ultimately lowers their network costs, while the Cloud represents heretofore unavailable revenue streams. Together, they could be foundational elements in a new public network.

During this important session, thought- and market-leaders in network services talked about the opportunities – and challenges – SIP Trunking and the Cloud offer both service providers and their enterprise customers.


If end-to-end IP becomes ubiquitous, what will change in the service providers’ opex budgets, and what changes for enterprise architectures and capabilities?
What are the prospects for SIP Trunking interoperability? How soon, if ever, will we see it?
Is the Cloud making inroads into enterprise communications procurements and deployments?
What are SIP Trunking’s “gotchas”? How about the Cloud’s?
Is there more to SIP Trunking than a cost-reduction play?
Moderator – Zeus Kerravala, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Research, Yankee Group
Moderator – Eric Krapf, Editor, No Jitter

Panelist – Marc Lindsey, Partner, Levine, Blaszak, Block & Boothby, LLP


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