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Category: Webinars

WEBINAR – SD-WAN: July 22 & 28

PLEASE NOTE DATE CHANGE:  Session #1 has been rescheduled from July 21, but the time remains the same – 1:00 pm EDT. SD-WAN, which enterprises have aggressively embraced over the last several years, continues to rapidly evolve.  The latest advancement that relies upon SD-WAN capabilities, Secure Access Service Edge (“SASE”), […]

Contracts and SLAs in the SD-WAN Environment

An SD-WAN enabled network transformation raises unique issues about the way enterprise customers source and contract these services. Getting what you bargained for during contract negotiations is paramount. But so is maintaining flexibility in your legal arrangements to ensure that your organization maximizes the benefits of moving your network to […]

Technology Transitions: What Every Enterprise Needs to Know

All the major carriers are eager to dismantle their old school TDM networks and push customer demand away from “legacy” services like PBX trunks, DID service, PRIs, DS1s and DS3 – even some older Ethernet services – and towards equivalent services in an all-IP environment. But what if your network […]

Security Breaches: 3 Things Every Enterprise Should Know

The exposure of millions of pieces of sensitive personal and corporate information happens at an alarming rate. No company, no matter how tech-savvy, is immune from the threat of a security breach – consider Uber, Equifax, Verizon, Yahoo and more. In this webinar LB3’s Kevin DiLallo and TC2’s Joe Schmidt […]

The Complexities of BYOD

Staying Connected Webinar Series –  Justin Castillo.   Bring Your Own Device, a.k.a. BYOD, means different things to different people. For some, it is a way to give greater flexibility and choice to users, leading to greater end-user satisfaction and productivity. For others, it is a path to lower costs and […]