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Pounding the table isn’t the way to limit surcharges

Once less than 5%, carrier surcharges now total 20% or more. Like hotels, banks and car rental companies, telecom carriers have become adept at padding their bills through the addition of surcharges that can’t be negotiated and that they can change at will. New telecom managers and corporate IT bosses […]

Cloud Computing Thrives in the Goldilocks Zone

Sourcing a cloud solution requires a delicate balance of strategies, tactics and contractual requirements to get a deal that is just right. Cloud computing is so hot right now that many seasoned enterprise IT professionals and sourcing advisors scoff and dismiss it as an over-hyped fad.  Others (mostly neophytes) in […]

E911 in 2011 – Guidance for Enterprise Users

The Voice Report (Telecom Junkies) –  Andrew Brown and George David.   Summary: E911 issues for MLTS PBXs have been largely resolved from a technical and economic perspective. But enterprise customers still face a number of challenges when dealing with E911. Join Andrew Brown, Partner at Levine, Blaszak, Block & Boothby, […]

Protect Your pre-1997 IP Address

With IPv4 space running out any day now, is your legacy IP address space safe? Computerworld Marc Lindsey If your company obtained its IP address space before 1997, you have probably received several letters from the American Registry for Internet Numbers Ltd. (ARIN) encouraging you to enter into a contractual […]