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Enterprise Connect general Session Summit: The Real-time Web – What it Means for Your Enterprise

Hank Levine.  

Enterprise Connect – 

The Web has been carrying real-time traffic-two-way voice and video-for years, but, until now, this has mostly been a sidelight. However, recent developments make it likely that the World Wide Web could become the public communications network of the future. LB3’s Hank Levine and other Industry Leaders were among the panelists during this conference summit discussing this phenomenon and touching on these Key Points:

  • Skype is now the world’s largest long-distance voice provider – and it’s huge in video calling.
  • Giant social-media sites like Facebook and Google+ are rolling out voice and video services for both wireline and mobile users.
  • The emerging WebRTC standard will soon voice-enable the majority of Web browsers, opening up millions of new clients to myriad potential use cases for voice/video over the Web–without users having to implement any specific, dedicated multimedia client.
  • The incumbent U.S. carriers, led by AT&T, are pressuring regulators to allow them to retire the assets of the legacy PSTN,and to relieve these carriers of their obligations to provide retail service on this platform.

So the implications of the Real-time Web are potentially huge. But just how these trends will play out is far from certain. What we do know, however, is that, more than ever, users in their role as consumers now drive the changes in communications that reverberate within the enterprise-usually much sooner than enterprise managers anticipate.

With so much happening so fast in the Real-time Web, it’s imperative for enterprise managers to understand the technical, market, and regulatory details of this transition, so that they can be ready when it starts to hit their organizations. Enterprises may even be able to leverage some of these trends for their benefit, gaining cost efficiencies, productivity, and innovation advantages. The time is now to get up to speed, and so you can’t afford to miss this discussion with the thought leaders and technology creators who are at the forefront of the Real-time Web.


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