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Enterprise Connect Summit: Deep Dives – SIP Trunking: Who’s Offering What?

Laura McDonald.  

Enterprise Connect –  

SIP Trunking is the hottest technology trend in enterprise communications, but how do you procure the services and equipment to make it a success for your organization? This Deep Dive session offered detailed presentations on the services and technologies your organization will need to acquire in order to roll out SIP Trunking. Attendees learned about what the incumbent carriers are doing, what their competitors are offering, and how to handle the procurement process so that Enterprise Users get a good deal on SIP trunks that also positions them for the enterprise-wide Unified Communications deployments of the future.

Conference Attendees listen to a panel discussion including TC2’s David Rohde & Joe Schmidt and LB3’s Laura McDonald as they explored these Key Questions for SIP Trunking Procurement:

  • What’s the state of SIP Trunking availability, from both the Tier 1 carriers and alternative providers? And is there a difference between “availability” and “procure-ability”?
  • How mature are providers’ SLAs for SIP Trunks?
  • What are the risks of vendor lock-in when you sign a contract for SIP Trunking, and how do you mitigate these risks?
  • Do you absolutely need a session border controller (SBC) when you implement SIP trunks, and if so, is this something the enterprise specifies, or is it a service provider decision?
  • How does your enterprise’s communications architecture (centralized vs. de-centralized) affect your decision-making in SIP Trunk and SBC procurement?


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