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Perspectives on Cloud Computing for Enterprises

No Jitter (
Joaquin Gamboa and Marc Lindsey

Cloud computing cannot solve every information and communications technology need, but it offers benefits to enterprises that have a practical understanding of its risks and how to manage those risks. The benefits of cloud computing done right include:

* Easier, quicker and cheaper implementations;
* Faster transitions to new technology (due to shorter time-to-launch);
* Lower total usage costs when the right pricing tiers are selected (because the customer does not have to buy and deploy infrastructure to cover peak demand and expected growth);
* Improved resource elasticity and scalability, which allows customers to scale up or dial down services quickly in response to changes in business demand;
* Improved availability of enterprise applications like unified communications and collaboration services to mobile/remote workers;
* More efficient and effective management of technology resources by vendors with specialized skills; and
* Fewer technology management, maintenance and upgrade headaches (freeing internal IT teams to focus on more strategic initiatives).


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