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A date with your supplier at Pebble Beach, and five other mistakes you can’t afford to make

TC2 Blog
Justin Castillo
The following is a guest post published in LB3 consulting affiliate TechCaliber’s Blog

Many economists are warning that the current downturn could last into 2011 or beyond. Until it ends, enterprise customers are facing a once-in-a-generation decline in their businesses, while carriers are trying to economize by cutting capital expenditures, reducing headcount, and driving harder bargains with their customers.

Over the next several years there is a very real possibility that your enterprise will face one or more severe challenges, including layoffs, plant/store closings, divestitures, and mergers/combinations (either voluntary or forced). These challenges will test the ability of telecom managers to manage their service providers. The lesson for anyone about to embark on a telecom procurement is to assume that your company will be under economic pressure for months, if not years, and negotiate accordingly. Pursuing the traditional strategy of relieving short-term financial pressures by securing an average, if not mediocre, deal that yields enough upfront credits to get you through this quarter is no longer an option.


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