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Category: Podcasts

Why Enterprises Can’t Ignore the Net Neutrality Debate

Net Neutrality is about how internet service providers (“ISPs”) located in the United States control access to their subscribers and (understandably) want rules that will let them monetize that control. Many enterprises think this is strictly a consumer issue, where customers of Netflix or Amazon would have a very different […]

What Enterprise Customers Need to Know about Avaya’s Bankruptcy

Avaya, a key supplier of network infrastructure, maintenance/support, and contact center software for large enterprise customers, declared bankruptcy on January 19, 2017. Enterprise customers that rely upon Avaya for mission critical products, services, and support are understandably concerned about what the bankruptcy filing means for Avaya’s future and the impact […]

Trouble at Tangoe?

Tangoe, a top Telecom Expense Management (TEM) firm, recently notified its customers that it had received two proposals to be acquired by private equity firms.  In a related press release, Tangoe stated that it would likely not meet the deadline for completing its financial restatement process and as a result […]

IPv4: Is the Sky Really Falling?

The Voice Report: Telecom Junkies –  Marc Lindsey and George David.   Summary: You can’t read the trade press these days without seeing ominous headlines about the recently announced “exhaustion” of IPv4 internet addresses and the imperative to adopt the new IPv6 number format. But is IPv4 exhaustion really an urgent […]

E911 in 2011 – Guidance for Enterprise Users

The Voice Report (Telecom Junkies) –  Andrew Brown and George David.   Summary: E911 issues for MLTS PBXs have been largely resolved from a technical and economic perspective. But enterprise customers still face a number of challenges when dealing with E911. Join Andrew Brown, Partner at Levine, Blaszak, Block & Boothby, […]