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Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality is about how internet service providers (“ISPs”) located in the United States control access to their subscribers and (understandably) want the FCC’s rules to let them monetize that control. Many enterprises think Net Neutrality is strictly a consumer issue, where customers of content providers like Netflix or Amazon […]

Trends in Enterprise Mobility Pricing

The pricing trends in the enterprise mobility market are generally favorable for companies willing to act. For example, cost-effective plans with pooled data and unlimited voice and messaging are rapidly becoming the norm and have shifted the need for optimizing voice plans to optimizing data plans. In addition, historically high […]

A Look at Cisco Meraki

Enterprises are increasingly evaluating Meraki products, Cisco’s cloud-managed IT solution. Meraki products are seen as a replacement networking solution for small locations where a few Meraki devices can fulfill a range of networking functions and needs. However, the solution requires an active subscription license, and without it, the solution becomes […]

The Rising Cost of the Universal Service Fund

2018 began with the not so great news that the upward trend of the USF contribution factor continued, and hit an all-time high of 19.5% – an enormous increase from the 3% when it was introduced in the late 1990’s.  This eye-popping number is going to impose a hefty fee […]

Seizing Control of Your Network Costs

In this session of our Staying Connected series, Andrew Brown, Managing Partner of LB3 and Chairman of TC2, and Ben Fox, Managing Director of TC2, discuss the upcoming conference that we will hold November 2 in New York City. This relevant and timely conference is focused on maintaining a best-in-class network […]

When a Supplier Transition Makes Sense

Enterprises often face a difficult choice – keep my incumbent supplier or migrate services to another provider. Change can be risky and your incumbent provider knows it. But sometimes, it makes sense to make a transition. Maybe your company is contemplating a network transformation, or you’re dissatisfied with the current […]