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Don’t Ignore AT&T’s Latest Business Service Guide Update!

No Jitter.   Read your July 17 AT&T email (“AT&T Business Service Guide – Subscription Notification of Change”) to discover how the carrier treats new network and data security responsibilities. Keeping up with changes to online terms that the big guys – AT&T, Verizon, and CenturyLink – make is a must. […]

AT&T Hikes its Administrative Expense Fee by 50%

If you’re an AT&T customer, the cost of your telecom services is about to go up.   Earlier this month, AT&T quietly announced a 50% increase in its Administrative Expense Fee (“AEF”). The AEF is a percentage-based fee that AT&T applies to its customers’ expenditures for interstate and international telecom services, […]

Airline Outages are Reminders of the Importance of Redundancy & Business Continuity Planning

The news about Delta Airlines’ recent catastrophic system-wide failure, on the heels of a similarly devastating failure of Southwest Airlines’ computing systems, provides a stark reminder of the importance of investing in redundancy and meaningful Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity (“DR/BC”) plans. In other words, there’s no time like the present to […]

The Healthcare Connect Fund

Broadband Discounts for the Country and the City: This might sound crazy, but thanks to the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC’s) Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF), a 65% discount on broadband connectivity and the equipment required to manage broadband services, could soon be available for your non-profit or public hospital. The HCF […]

Managing Enterprise Wireless Services to Maximum Advantage

BYOD is about much more than just using employee devices for company business: this white paper details all the elements your enterprise wireless policies will need.   You can develop a wireless strategy for your enterprise that will deliver the capabilities your users need while keeping costs under control and managing […]