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Verizon Rapid Delivery – Not SO Fast

CCMI Laura McDonald & Deb Boehling How Rapid Delivery works, the services it impacts and, most importantly, the steps you should take if you do business, or are thinking of doing business, with Verizon. Long delivery times are among customers’ biggest complaints about their telecom vendors, so Verizon’s “rapid delivery” […]

Negotiating Private Cloud Transactions

No Jitter Ben Fox & Marc Lindsey Stiff competition and cloud providers’ eagerness to sell services allow enterprises to negotiate best-in-class transactions and obtain market-leading services. Private cloud installations are an increasingly common component of enterprises’ data center strategies. They complement traditional data center infrastructure and public cloud services (such […]

Enterprise Sourcing of SIP Trunking Services

Webtorials Hank Levine & Jack Deal Over the last few years, large enterprises have begun to reap the benefits of moving from “traditional” TDM technology – PBX trunks and the like – to SIP trunking for voice services. SIP, if anyone doesn’t know it by now, is basically a way […]

Prepare, Persist and Protect

The Three Ps of Global Telecoms Project Sourcing and Management Who’s Who Legal Deb Boehling and Hank Levine Twenty years ago, global enterprises rarely exercised common management or control over global telecom resources. Each country or region purchased the services it preferred from the vendor(s) of its choice and interconnected […]