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Ten Developments for Enterprise Users to Watch in 2018

CCMI TelcoExchange Blog.

2018 promises to be an interesting year on many levels, and there are a number of things we think enterprise telecom/IT users should look forward to (or gird themselves for) this year. Telecom and IT are always changing, but this year could be one for the record books.

Here are ten developments that may impact enterprise customers (in no particular order):

  1. Effect on enterprise customers of the acquisitions of Level 3 by CenturyLink and of XO by Verizon
  2. Enterprise or Entertainment?
  3. Net Neutrality
  4. Cable companies enter the wireless market as MVNOs
  5. Are toll-free numbers no longer going to be “free”?
  6. Verizon’s VRD (Verizon Rapid Delivery) is ripe for a makeover
  7. Major service providers continue to discontinue legacy services
  8. The EU General Data Protection Regulation takes effect
  9. The Supreme Court considers two cases involving the Stored Communications Act, both of which could have significant effects on businesses and individuals
  10. Development of 5G


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