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Standards, security and data handling in a cloud environment

Computerworld Joaquin Gamboa and Marc Lindsey Here are some important issues to consider when selecting a cloud vendor or services provider: Standards Whether you’re running your own cloud or depending on someone else’s, you’ll want to ensure that your early investments in virtualization are good for the long haul. To […]

Cloud-enabling your software licenses

Here’s how to move forward while keeping your feet on the ground. Computerworld Joaquin Gamboa and Marc Lindsey The promise of moving your company’s software and data systems into the cloud grows more enticing by the day. Virtualization, cloud computing, and grid networks have a lot to offer enterprise users. […]

Thoughts on IPT Deployment Concerns

No Jitter ( Hank Levine and Jim Blaszak Here are some comments on Eric’s IPT deployment piece ‘What’s Your Biggest Concern?’ My law firm, Levine, Blaszak & Boothby, and our consulting affiliate, TechCaliber Consulting, are doing a bunch of these deals now for Fortune 100’s, so I have both interest […]

Fighting Back-Billing

No Jitter ( Justin Castillo Suppose your next invoice from your telecom carrier contains a surprise: back billing for over two years’ worth of previously-unbilled charges. You dispute the back-billed charges, but the carrier insists that its back-billing is lawful. What are your rights? How much of the back-billed charges […]

Year End Review and Predictions for 2008

No Jitter ( Hank Levine and Jim Blaszak We believe that average enterprise customers did not do as well in telecom procurements in 2007 as in previous years. Our assessment is based on our observation of carrier conduct in procurements and regulatory decisions. And 2008 only promises to further separate […]