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Turmoil in the TEM World

The Voice Report (Vol. 32, No. 12) Hank Levine and Justin Castillo The big news in TEM is the changes in the industry, including (and especially) among the leaders. Not to mention the products and how users pay for them or don’t. By way of background, consider that in 2010 […]

Impact on Enterprise Customers of AT&T Acquisition of T-Mobile

No Jitter ( Kevin DiLallo and Ben Fox AT&T’s proposed acquisition of T-Mobile USA will, if approved, significantly degrade the competitive landscape in the wireless services market. When all is said and done it could effectively reduce the number of significant providers not by a quarter but by half. The […]

Protect Your pre-1997 IP Address

With IPv4 space running out any day now, is your legacy IP address space safe? Computerworld Marc Lindsey If your company obtained its IP address space before 1997, you have probably received several letters from the American Registry for Internet Numbers Ltd. (ARIN) encouraging you to enter into a contractual […]

SIP Trunking Part 1

What to Do Before Pulling All of Your TDM Local Voice No Jitter ( Deb Boehling, Ben Fox, Hank Levine, and David Lee SIP trunking (VoIP based on the Session Initiation Protocol, which has become the industry standard for enterprise VoIP) has been in development for years. It’s now becoming […]