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The Post-Merger World: A Market Assessment And Survival Guide

Business Communications Review.  Now that the FCC has approved SBC’s acquisition of AT&T and Verizon’s purchase of MCI, enterprise customers need a “going forward” strategy. Waiting for the next shoe to drop is not a strategy-it’s a prescription for frustration and higher telecom costs. When thinking about the implications of […]

DWDM: It’s Not Just For Carriers Anymore

Business Communications Review.  A quick search of the telecom trade press suggests that dense wave division multiplexing (DWDM) is old hat. However, while DWDM in the carrier backbone may be a pass, DWDM in a “private” network is hot. Here’s a peek at what large enterprise customers are doing with […]

Key Regulatory Developments For Enterprise Customers

Business Communications Review – The FCC moves slowly – here’s what to expect from decisions it has made and those that are pending. Smart enterprise customers stay informed about significant developments in telecommunications regulation because regulation can affect the price, quality, and availability of both basic and state-of-the-art services. Savvy […]

Negotiating Enterprise Wireless Agreements

Business Communications Review – As enterprise demand for wireless services increases, so does senior management’s pressure on telecom managers and procurement officials to control wireless costs. Most commentators who offer tips on controlling the cost of wireless services focus on only a tiny portion of the problem, i.e., selection of […]

Liability Issues in a VoIP Environment

Business Communications Review – The effects of 911 and wiretap regulations could put an added bite into VOIP costs. Voice over IP (VOIP) applications for enterprise customer networks have significant advantages in terms of features and functions, as well as attractive cost characteristics, which will continue to drive enterprise customer […]

Negotiating Managed Network Contracts

Business Communications Review –  Make sure responsibilities are clear and avoid “scope creep.” Managed network services are a hot topic today. This article is intended to help users navigate the complexities of a managed network contract. The first rule is to be prepared before negotiat­ing. Gather detailed information about what […]