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Is an SD-WAN managed service right for you?

Network World – Mark Sheard & Jack Deal.   For enterprises considering an SD-WAN solution, one of the key choices will be who will implement and manage it. For some enterprises this is a relatively straightforward decision; for others the choice may require more deliberation. In either case, best-practice sourcing dictates […]

SD-WAN: How to Get out of the Starting Gate

Network World.   SD-WAN’s potential to improve network performance is real – but migration to it also has its challenges. In 2018, the current darling of digital transformation in network circles is SD-WAN. Hype aside, SD-WAN solutions, coupled with a significant shift to Internet transport for a company’s network access, offers […]

Making Network-Services Deals: Structuring the Transaction

Network World – Marc Lindsey & Ben Fox.   In this article, Marc and Ben explore the key commercial terms and contract practices that are crucial for negotiating flexible and resilient managed network services arrangements in view of the outsourcing industry challenges currently facing enterprises. Under consideration are commercial structures in […]

Staying Ahead of the Demand for Network Cost Savings

Today LB3 and TC2 kicked off a special educational series* titled “Staying Ahead of the Demand for Network Cost Savings.” The podcast series will run over the next several weeks and will cover a range of topics addressing enterprise network transformation, cost-saving strategies, contract compliance and optimization, and so much […]