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LB3 Persuades FCC to Ensure Text Access to Suicide Prevention Lifeline in Pro Bono Effort for Disabilities Rights Organizations

On November 18, the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) voted unanimously to require text messaging service providers to allow their subscribers to reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline via text to 988, a crucial breakthrough that was over a year in the making.

LB3, led by partner Kevin DiLallo, represented the National Association of the Deaf and a coalition of over 30 disabilities rights organizations filing as Communications Equality Advocates (CEA) in successfully persuading the FCC to reconsider its initial rejection of the request to mandate text-to-988. Advised by LB3, CEA was instrumental in demonstrating the critical benefits of text-to-988 to the FCC, as acknowledged in the November 18 Order.

This action will especially benefit youth, minority communities, the LGBTQ+ community, and of course those with speech or hearing impairments. Text-to-988 will save lives.

Lifeline’s counseling services will be available via text nationwide by mid-July 2022.

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