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Managing Enterprise Wireless Services to Maximum Advantage

BYOD is about much more than just using employee devices for company business: this white paper details all the elements your enterprise wireless policies will need.   You can develop a wireless strategy for your enterprise that will deliver the capabilities your users need while keeping costs under control and managing […]

LB3 and TC2’s 2014 Year In Review

A look back at the telecom stories that will impact the enterprise in 2015 –  We are pleased to provide you with our 2014 Year in Review. This selection of interesting and thoughtful articles written by LB3 lawyers and TC2 consultants in 2014 addresses developments in 2014 that will continue […]

It’s a fragmented UCaaS world, so buyers beware

Fierce Enterprise Communications. Marc Lindsey weighs in on best practices for accounting for reliability in UCaaS procurements. Reliability is a factor too often overlooked by unified communications as service providers and buyers. Some providers may be lacking in redundancy, while others have the ability to failover to multiple data centers. […]

How Service Provider Agendas Affect Enterprise Customers

No Jitter –  Hank Levine.   Carriers and their enterprise customers agree on the need to migrate from TDM to IP but disagree over the specifics. LB3’s Hank Levine takes a look at their agendas with regard to the following, and what they mean for you: The TDM-IP migration Net neutrality […]