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Microwave Licensees Challenge FCC’s Decision to Allow Uncontrolled Low Power Devices in 6 GHz Band

In late April 2020 the FCC adopted sweeping new rules that will allow potentially hundreds of millions of new WiFi access points and other unlicensed devices to transmit on the same 6 GHz frequencies that are currently used by public safety agencies, energy companies, telecom carriers, and many other licensees for point-to-point communications.  This is a really big deal.  What will happen if those hundreds of millions of unlicensed devices somehow cause interference on the airwaves?

Listen to this 8 minute podcast as Jeff Sheldon, a Partner at LB3, discusses with TC2’s Joe Schmidt the impact this ruling has for users of these devices and airwaves.  Jeff also offers some recommended actions that you’ll want to take right now.

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