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Aligning Legal Resources with Technology Projects

Telecom projects have timelines and budgets and involve many company stakeholders.  One of these stakeholders is Legal, the resource an enterprise turns to that knows the laws that may affect your contract and the parties’ obligations.  Legal plays a critical role in analyzing and advising on contractual risk allocation between […]

Windstream and AT&T in the News

Last week there were two interesting stories in the news – Windstream filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and AT&T won the lawsuit the US Department of Justice brought against it attempting to block its acquisition of Time Warner.  In our view, neither of these events is favorable for enterprise buyers […]

Should You Pay for a Vendor Support Team?

There are many changes taking place at some of the top network service providers that are impacting the enterprise and forcing companies to take a close look at their service support needs.  Many organizations have seen their once reliable vendor support rapidly decline as service providers reduce support staff.  In […]

Ten Things to Watch for in 2019

2019 promises to be an exciting and challenging time for buyers of information communication technology.  Investments in SD-WAN, 5G wireless, and the Internet of Things will accelerate both in the enterprise and throughout the industry; but compliance with data privacy laws and E911 regulations, as well as the continuing debate […]

The Necessary Steps to Realize Big Network Cost Savings

There’s always a way to create competition and a healthy tension with suppliers that will result in big savings on your network services. Last year, for example, many of our clients saw significant cost reductions when they migrated MPLS to an SD-WAN solution using broadband and internet connections and moved […]

The Hidden Risk of Abandoned Infrastructure

Did you ever look around at all of the various infrastructures on your sites that are needed for service providers to deliver communications services? There’s a lot of equipment and cabling needed to get that data from the device to the data center. But whose responsibility is it to clean […]