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Generative AI for the Enterprise Customer

Lately, not a day goes by when artificial intelligence isn’t in the news—but from AI to foundation models to machine learning to Generative AI, you need to have a baseline understanding of what the various services can do before you can determine what type of AI will best fit your enterprise, particularly in the ICT space. In this 11-minute episode, Kevin DiLallo, a partner at LB3, joins Sara Crifasi to kick off a series of Staying Connected podcasts on AI for the enterprise.

This episode is meant as an introductory session. Future podcasts in this series will include:

  • Coverage of the technology underlying AI and Generative AI and how it differs from other technology tools used by enterprises
  • What enterprises should know when contracting for AI-based tools
  • Developing legislation and regulation of AI and what it means for enterprise customers
  • Data protection and privacy issues implicated by Generative AI
  • Commercial issues in the procurement of AI-based tools.

If you would like to learn more about our experience in this space, please visit our Information Technology Advisory Services and Technology Consulting & Strategy Development webpages.

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