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AT&T Expands Withdrawal of Service Matrix

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Deb Boehling & Janis Stephens.  

AT&T to Withdraw Broadly Used Non-Ethernet Access, Non-Ethernet Private Line and Non-IP Toll-Free Service

In early December, we let you know about AT&T’s Withdrawal of Service Matrix. We expressed surprise that only POTS/TDM telephony voice services were included in AT&T’s December 3rd chart, and opined that “AT&T’s VTNS service . . . is likely to be added soon.” Sure enough, on December 14th AT&T updated its withdrawal matrix, and VTNS is on the chopping block. Now we’re surprised in the other direction – the list of services that AT&T plans to withdraw is far longer and broader than we predicted.

AT&T now says that it plans to withdraw all non-Ethernet access channels (e.g., DS0, T1, T3, OC-3, OC-12, OC-48 connections you have to have to use AT&T’s designated “Eligible Replacement Services”), all non-Ethernet private lines (which AT&T calls “IOCs” and International “half-channel” or “full-channel”), and Ethernet private lines slower than 600 Mbps. And while suggested by AT&T’s December 3rd withdrawal of “[a]ll services associated with AT&T Business Network Service [and] AT&T One-Net Service,” AT&T’s December 14th and 19th updates leave no doubt that existing teleconferencing services and toll-free features will also be replaced.

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