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As SaaG, LB3 served as lead contract negotiator for OFM in structuring its agreement with Workday to provide a Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”)-based enterprise resource planning software solution (the “Workday ERP System”) to replace the State’s aging, bespoke, financial management, human resources, and budgeting legacy software applications.

In this role, we prepared, revised, and reviewed all contract documents throughout the negotiation process. After closing the Workday transaction, LB3 then led (to closure) OFM’s negotiations with Deloitte, which OFM selected to implement the Workday ERP System. LB3 has remained engaged by OFM to: (a) counsel OFM on contract disputes, amendments, and change orders involving both suppliers; and (b) train State personnel on their new ERP-related contracts. The Deloitte and Workday contracts include market-leading terms that appropriately allocate risk and responsibility and allow OFM to hold its suppliers accountable to successfully complete this mission-critical business transformation. LB3 has worked closely with the Assistant Director of Legal & Legislative Affairs of OFM and OFM staff throughout this engagement to achieve OFM’s goals.