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TEM is More Important Than Ever

If you’ve ever looked closely at your ICT billing, you’d probably agree that it can be pretty complex and sadly, often inaccurate.  That’s one of the reasons that telecom expense management (TEM) has grown as an industry and why enterprises have come to depend on the services TEM companies offer.

In this 11-minute podcast, Theresa Knutson and Julie Gardner, TC2’s Contract Compliance & Optimization practice leads, discuss with Joe Schmidt why 2023 will be the year companies expand their use of TEM services and provide some valuable insight into how to address the many pain points TEM customers experience with their incumbent providers.

If you’d like to learn more about our experience in this space, please visit our Contract Compliance & Optimization and Success Stories webpages.

You can read about this and seven other key topics that we believe will have a significant impact on enterprise customers in the coming year in our article What to Expect in 2023.

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