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Prevent [and Resolve] Telecom Disputes – What To Do When You and Your Carrier are at Each Other’s Throats

Pressure from Wall Street to leverage the market power that comes from being a near-duopoly (though they’ll never use the word) in enterprise telecom force AT&T and Verizon to include contract terms in their network service agreements designed to put you on the defensive and reduce your leverage in contract negotiations and when disputes arise (as they inevitably do).

Even second-tier carriers like CenturyLink, Level 3, XO and Windstream salt their contracts with unreasonable, one-sided terms that cause headaches for unwary enterprise customers.

Prevent [and Resolve] Telecom Disputes, a free webinar held on March 7, 2012 offered savvy strategies to level the playing field and regain the initiative!

Hank Levine and Justin Castillo, partners at Levine, Blaszak, Block & Boothby, LLP, shared their front line experience and gave the latest tips and techniques needed to overcome the tough challenges faced in a dispute with the “Big Two” or one of their smaller brethren.

Attendees joined Hank, Justin and their peers to:

» Hear the latest, and favorite, “gotcha” clauses that carriers bake into their contract boilerplate – like attaching lengthy minimum terms with big early termination charges to every individual circuit

» Discover why telecom disputes – which invoke a witches’ brew of technology, tariffs, state and federal jurisdictional anomalies and Balkanized state laws – present problems unlike run-of-the-mill commercial dust-ups

» Find out how to construct the best strategy … one that avoids disputes altogether

» Learn the signs that tell you when to stop dealing with your account team, when to surface counsel (hint: bringing lawyers to the table is rarely, if ever, a good first step), and how to minimize the time and dollars you invest in a dispute

» Understand the carriers’ needs and “hot buttons” – if you know these, your chances of a successful outcome go up dramatically

» Plus Hank and Justin set aside plenty of time for questions

If you are not in a dispute, there’s a good chance you will face one in 2012. The advice offered in this webinar is worth thousands.

For more information on Telecom Disputes contact Justin Castillo and Hank Levine.



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