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Why Enterprises Can’t Ignore the Net Neutrality Debate

Net Neutrality is about how internet service providers (“ISPs”) located in the United States control access to their subscribers and (understandably) want rules that will let them monetize that control.

Many enterprises think this is strictly a consumer issue, where customers of Netflix or Amazon would have a very different internet experience if Net Neutrality rules are rolled back. But this is actually an issue for all American businesses that want to connect with their customers over the internet. The customer’s ISP stands in their way and wants to be paid for passage. That’s why Net Neutrality rules benefit every enterprise – the rules protect businesses from the ISPs’ plans to charge for access to their subscribers.

Listen to this 12-minute podcast as TC2 Project Director Joe Schmidt discusses the issue of Net Neutrality and how it affects the enterprise with Colleen Boothby, one of LB3’s senior partners and a leading champion of Net Neutrality rights for enterprises. Colleen explains why the carriers and cable companies keep fighting the fight (hint: it’s about the money) and make a call to action for all enterprise users.

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