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What Enterprise Customers Need to Know about Avaya’s Bankruptcy

Avaya, a key supplier of network infrastructure, maintenance/support, and contact center software for large enterprise customers, declared bankruptcy on January 19, 2017. Enterprise customers that rely upon Avaya for mission critical products, services, and support are understandably concerned about what the bankruptcy filing means for Avaya’s future and the impact it may have on their companies’ network services.

In this episode of Staying Connected, LB3 partners Andrew Brown and Kevin DiLallo join TC2 Project Director Joe Schmidt to discuss the likely impact of Avaya’s bankruptcy on enterprise customers and what might happen to the company in the coming months. Most importantly, they explain what your company should consider doing to deal with the bankrupt supplier in the short term. They also lay out options for how to best position your company, regardless of what happens to Avaya.

Listen to this brief podcast and read the accompanying blog post so that you stay fully informed about this important event.


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