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Ten Things to Watch for in 2019

2019 promises to be an exciting and challenging time for buyers of information communication technology.  Investments in SD-WAN, 5G wireless, and the Internet of Things will accelerate both in the enterprise and throughout the industry; but compliance with data privacy laws and E911 regulations, as well as the continuing debate and uncertainty surrounding Net Neutrality, will demand greater attention from CIOs.

At LB3 and TC2, we’re committed to helping our clients maximize the return on their investment in information communication technology and in that vein, today we began a multi-part podcast series featuring LB3’s Laura McDonald and Kevin DiLallo, along with TC2’s Joe Schmidt, in which they will discuss these important topics and provide guidance for the year ahead.

Listen now …

1.  GDPR Will Eventually Become Global Privacy Standard & Will Congress Finally Adopt Federal Privacy Legislation? (10 minutes) 

2. FCC Proposes New E911 Rules for Enterprises and Others, More Broadband for the Buck in 2019, and Net Neutrality Will Continue to be a Battlefield (12 minutes)

3. Telecom Expense Management Will Get a Makeover in 2019 & Vendor Management Will Get Harder as Vendors Reduce Support Staff (9 minutes) 

4. 5G: Separating Myth from Reality, The Internet of Things Continues to Take the World by Storm, and SD-WAN on the Radar (15 minutes)

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