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SD-WAN and Internet First Strategies

One of the hottest topics in network services today is Software Defined Wide Area Networking or SD-WAN. While too much marketing hype about SD-WAN is currently flooding enterprise sales channels, there is no doubt that SD-WAN really does have the potential to transform enterprise network infrastructure and service deployment. Coupled with an Internet broadband strategy, it also promises significant cost savings. But enterprises need to tread carefully to avoid costly missteps and mistakes.

In this 13 minute podcast Mark Sheard, TC2 UK Managing Director, and Andrew Brown, LB3’s Managing Partner and TC2 Chairman, discuss with TC2’s Joe Schmidt how enterprises describe how to deliver a proactive SD-WAN strategy that will deliver the real promise of SD-WAN – both network transformation through deployment of this new technology and significant cost savings by transitioning network endpoints to less expensive broadband connections.

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