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Negotiating Private Cloud Transactions

No Jitter
Ben Fox & Marc Lindsey

Stiff competition and cloud providers’ eagerness to sell services allow enterprises to negotiate best-in-class transactions and obtain market-leading services.

Private cloud installations are an increasingly common component of enterprises’ data center strategies. They complement traditional data center infrastructure and public cloud services (such as Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine, and Microsoft Azure).

Private cloud installations are essentially a DIY version of public cloud services. To build a private cloud, an enterprise purchases and then (on its own or through third-party providers) installs, hosts and operates dedicated equipment, network facilities and software designed to provide internal business units and customers with highly elastic, virtualized and pooled compute, network and storage resources; metered resource usage, and automated self-service provisioning capabilities. These are some of the essential benefits offered by public clouds, and they come without many of the risks some fear when moving to public cloud vendors’ multi-tenant, shared infrastructures.


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